The Comp2DVI is an open-source (CERN OHLv2) device, designed for 240p – 1080i) retro gaming signals.  This device has been tested and seems to work well at all resolutions.  The gerbers, as well as the Eagle design files can be downloaded here:


This device is powered by USB and has a DIP switch for the built in low-pass filters, tailored to each resolution.  I’d expect in most cases you’d need the LPF on, but as a rule, you only want one LPF in any chain.  I suggest starting with it off and try toggling to see if it removes noise.  Detailed information can be found here:


DIP Switch Settings

The settings are printed on the back of the PCB, but can be referenced here (click for full-size):


DVI-I Cable / Connector

This can connect to your capture card via a DVI-I cable or coupler.  Make sure whatever your connection is using has the analog pins, otherwise it won’t work!

DVI-I Cables:

DVI-I Coupler:

DVI to BNC:  Coming soon

DVI to RCA:  Coming soon


Other Cables & Accessories

If you’re keeping the Comp2DVI close to your capture card for the least amount of signal loss, you’ll want some short cables.  I also like to have a cable tie, to help with strain relief when a coupler is used:

1Ft Micro USB Cable:
Cable tie:
RCA to 3.5mm adapter for audio:


Full Bill Of Materials



A detailed guide on how to use this device with your capture setup can be found here: