CDi 220 RGB Board

Frank Strasser has just posted pictures of his CDi RGB board, created to make RGB installation easy and cleaner in all Philips CDi front-loading units.

All North American front-loading CDi units I’ve tested use the Sony CXA 1645 chip to generate composite video.  This is the same chip used in many consoles, such as the Sega Genesis and outputs RGB.  Frank has taken all the components required to complete the circuit and placed them all on a PCB that mounts directly where the RF modulator sits.  While removing the RF modulator can be a pain (unless you have a good delsoldering gun!), once it’s gone, this board solders right in, requiring only basic wire connections from the CXA to the board.  That makes this a clean and easy no-cut mod that works with existing cables!

CDi 200 RGB Mod (basic, no custom board):

I recommend that everyone use the design for the 8-Pin MiniDIN, as that can be used with any passthrough cable for an easy, high-quality solution:

8-Pin MiniDIN Version (recommended):
RGB SCART Cable:  Retro Gaming Cables  /  Retro-Access

Frank also uploaded a version (pictured) that uses a Genesis 2 cable, for people who plan on using the HD Retrovision cables.  Please keep in mind this is a completely unsupported console, so your results may vary:

9-Pin MiniDIN (Genesis 2 style):
HDRetrovision Cables:  US Reseller  /  Canada Reseller


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