GBS-C with Multiple Auto-Switching Input Ports

Chipnetics Computing has just launched a kickstarter for multiple versions of a GBS-Control solution, one of which includes an auto-switch.  The products look cool, but I have quite a few reservations about it.  Let’s take a look… The first version of the product they’re selling is something called the “Slipgate”, which is $135 and appears […]

GBS-Control Cases & Complete Kits For Sale

EDIT 2021:  The cost of this kit seems to have raised substantially.  Please check the Tindie link for updated pricing and decide if you feel it’s still worth it. Chipnetics Computing, makers of the Sync Slayer and other products have just released kits for the GBS-Control project.  Shipping starts at $15 to the US and […]

SyncBaby SNES DSUB adapter

There’s a new device for the SNES available that plugs directly into the multi-out and offers an RGBHV output via a DSUB connector.  I’m careful to not use the word VGA though, as it’s still a 15Khz RGB signal and no 480p/VGA conversion is done.  There seems to be an LM1881 “sync stripper” inside, but I’m […]