Want List

If anyone has any of this stuff for sale, please contact me and let me know. I don't have much extra cash, but if it's a fair price, I'll certainly be willing to pay Also, if you'd like to support the site and the work I've been doing, please consider supporting the Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/retrorgb

Anyway, here's the full list of everything I'm currently looking for, in order of importance:


Really high priority:

Sony BVM-20E1U (20" RGB monitor, higest priorety, want one that's mint)

Ikegami HTM-2070-R

Oppo UDP-203 with .iso support (USB Dongle)


Console-related stuff (low priority, just want it cheap):

Sega Genesis
32x adapter for Genesis 2 (the plastic adapter that sits between the 32x and G2)
Genesis 2 -> Sega CD 2 connection hardware (the metal, screws, etc)
Sega Menacer (complete and working, no box or game needed though)
Sega CD Model 1 - It can even be totally broken, as long as the outside is cosmetially in decent shape.

Super Nintendo
Konami Justifier
Game Genie that’s SNES Mini compatible (has the extra catridge tabs like the Super FX Carts)
Super Scope 6 (complete and working, no box or game needed though)

Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick - I just need the stick itself (no box or anything), but it has to be in great condition.
PS3 Memory card reader (to read PS1 and PS2 memory cards in a PS3) - CECHZM1
Custom spinner controller for Tempest - Probably a NeGcon hack or something.



- Japanese Arkanoid games patched to use the US Arkanoid controller

Super Metroid Metal MSU
- Will someone please make an MSU audio hack of Super Metroid using Stemage’s original Metroid Metal soundtrack?  I've been wanting to do that for years and never had time :(  PLEASE NOTE:  Stemage is still selling his album, so please don't make this public until we've discussed the details with Stemage.  He gave his nod of approval to the project, however I want to make sure there's some kind of sale link, or donation link in the readme file of this hack to help support him. 

Here's the info DarkShock has already provided:

First you asked for which PCM file matched to which song. Actually I written that in the README.txt packed with my patch but I'll copy it here. Each pcm as a number associated with it, the MSU-1 uses this number to load the appropriate file.

1 = Samus Aran\'s Appearance fanfare (heard when loading a save file) (No Loop)
2 = Item acquisition fanfare (No Loop)
3 = Item room
4 = Opening with intro (full intro at titlescreen)
5 = Opening without intro (called when you press start during the intro cutscene, titlescreen)
6 = Arrival on Crateria, first time you land on Crateria (with thunder SFX)
7 = Arrival on Crateria, first time you land on Crateria (without thunder SFX)
8 = The Space Pirates Appear
9 = Statue Room (The Room with the big boss statues before Tourian)
10 = Samus\'s Ship (Samus Aran Main Theme, played on Crateria near Samus Ship)
11 = Brinstar with vegetation
12 = Brinstar Red Soil
13 = Upper Norfair
14 = Lower Norfair (close to Ridley)
15 = Upper Maridia
16 = Lower Maridia (calm one)
17 = Tourian
18 = Mother Brain Battle
19 = Big Boss Battle 1
20 = Mysterious Statue Chamber (song you hear before first Chozo Statue)
21 = Evacuation (similar to Big Boss Battle 1, but with more tension)
22 = Big Boss Battle 2 (Kraid battle for instance)
23 = Tension / Hostile Incoming (played before Kraid battle)
24 = Plant Miniboss
25 = Ceres Station
26 = Wrecked Ship Power Off
27 = Wrecked Ship Power On
28 = Theme of Super Metroid (played after THE LAST METROID IS IN CAPTIVITY, THE GALAXY IS AT PEACE)
29 = Death Cry (No Loop)
30 = Ending (No Loop)

As for converting WAV files to PCM, I suggest getting the wav2msu executable I bundled with Chrono Trigger patch: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2546/
After that, look into the batch file I use to convert them: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mlarouche/SuperMetroid-MSU1/master/create_pcm.bat

* The -o commnand line argument is to specify the output filename
* the -l command line argument is to specify the loop point of the file, in samples count (You can see the sample count in Audacity)

Finding the correct loop point is an art in itself and some remixes are really hard to make them loop seamlessly. I also do Normalizing to 0 dB for adjusting volume.

If anyone needs the original Metroid Metal files, please email me and I'll send them.


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