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RetroRGB Interview: Peter Bartmann aka Borti


Here's an interview with Borti, the creator of SNES and N64 boards, as well as N64 de-blur firmware.  It was fun to finally “meet” Peter after working with him all these years!

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A note from Peter: Actually I forgot to say thank you to all those people out there who gave me support or contributed to GitHub projects (in any kind). I sorry for missed that at the end of the interview. So here is a list of those people with no preferred order (sorted by first name / nicks): My Family, ArcadeTV, Daniel Bodden from aka Xenogears, faxesystem, d4s, derKevin, Ikari_01, Leo, leonk, Matt Adams, Matt from aka BuckoA51, n00b, marqs85, Piwi, rama, RedScorpion, RetroRGB, shartqueefa/unmaker, srdwa, Voultar, Zachary, Zerberus, and many many more Thank you to all of you and to everybody out there enjoying my projects :)



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